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Weird that this hasn’t gotten more attention. 



Man o’ my word.

Watch in HD on Vimeo (if you’re into that kind of thing)

Steve Reynolds + Card tricks + Philip Glass + Jon Racherbaumer talking = Holy shit, yes

Can’t wait, man. 


Hey, Bill. I love you, man. You’re awesome.

But how about we pretend this overhandled mess never happened? Eh?

Your fan,



Take a shot every time Brad Christian says “hard-hitting”

I wish I hung out with magicians, if only so I had someone to play Ellusionist drinking games with.

This is a fun combination.

This is a fun combination.


They say ebooks and app magic is the way of the future… 

I say they haven’t seen this bad boy.

(Thanks, Roland!)


Google reports that at one point in time, The Chicago Sun Times website linked the blog?

If that’s true





You study for years to get a basic magic “skill set” perfected. You move on to more advanced sleights. You then go into psychology, misdirection, shows, the offbeat, presentation. You study the natural way people hold objects, shuffle cards, handle them, etc. Then, using everything you’ve learned, you construct a routine that seems so fair to the spectator, since they do all the work and it completely blows them away at the end.

Then, in 2 minutes, a no-talent fuckwit on YouTube just tells everyone how to do it. “You’ll love this super easy trick by Chad Long, fries people!”

Do you know why it’s “super easy”? Because it was SUPER HARD to create!

—Chad Long


If I ever publish a sandwich trick, I think I’m gonna name it “Sandwich Pun”

Two sandwich cards end up turning into the three mates of the selection.

I really like this premise. I’ve been focusing a lot on it the last couple days. It’s a kicker that doesn’t have the usual KickerStink to it. 

I have several bad handlings for it, and no good ones. What got me started on the premise was a Luke Dancy trick that’s different-but-sort-of-similar, in Jack Parker and Andi Gladwin’s Magician’s Ltd. Cookbook. Another great handling is Rich “Man I’ve really pimped him out lately, especially considering how much I hate the guy” Aviles’ Subwich.

Have any of you guys played around with this idea? Yes, you two guys reading this. I’m talking to you.